Most Satisfying Vinyl Purchases

Over the last couple years my pass times have become few. I visit breweries. I go for long walks (typically to breweries). I watch films (at theatres when they are open). I play board games. And, I frequent record stores. Calgary has a wonderful assortment of centrally located record stores. Within 45 minutes walking distance … [Read more…]

Lost, 121 Episodes

Just before the COVID-19 Pandemic, my son Blaise and I began working our way through the ABC TV series Lost which originally aired from 2004-20010. I had friends who had been enthused with the series when it began, but I had never seen an episode. I figured I’d give it a go. During the shut … [Read more…]

The Silmarillion (Tolkien)

After 30 years, I’ve finally read it, though not without having tried several times with false starts. Once I got past the first couple “books,” AINULINDALĂ‹ and VALAQUENTA, the stories became very compelling. The first couple books don’t have much tension, but the creation of the world through song has always struck me as beautiful. … [Read more…]

Won’t you be my neighbour?

*I couldn’t go through with spelling neighbour incorrectly in the title of this blog post. I believe the most powerful witness to the Christian Faith that I have been exposed to in the past year has been Fred Rogers. Here is a man of faith working quietly and humbly in the public eye for decades … [Read more…]

Backpacking the Elbow Loop

A couple weeks ago, Blaise and I headed out on our second 3-night/4-day backpacking trip. This time we tackled the local Elbow Loop which follows the Big Elbow upstream then at Tombstone pass crosses over and follows the Little Elbow back downstream to where the two meet to form the Elbow River which flows into … [Read more…]