110. Do My Family Tree Back 10 Generations

Completed March 25, 2005 @ Spruce Grove, AB

septgenThis graphic shows a line of Robichauds from my great-great-great grandfather to my son.

When I look at the work I’ve done in this project and count the hours of entering names into Reunion, I am in awe of the people who went before me in doing all the research on the Robichaud, Cormier, Allan and Woodford geneology and the massive fan of maternal ancestry. Also present is some of Amber’s genealogy on the Bennett and Reding sides.

This has been a spiritual experience. When I consider that I can go back over 1500 years, this represents about 71 generations which represents 4.7 X 10e21 people’s genetic code, personal habits, choices, mannerisms, love, sin, and good looks that boil down to me. Rather astonishing. And it certainly doesn’t stop there – every 15-25 years you go further back (approximately of course) this number doubles.

I’ve spent hours compiling this data from a couple books, emailed files and from the internet. To complete my life goal, I’ve discovered 100% of my ancestors back 5 generations, 69% of generation 6, 59% of generation 7, 45% of generation 8, 34% of generation 9, and 20% of generation 10. That’s 337 people of the past 1023.

Because of privacy issues, to enter the Family Tree Site HOME CARD, SURNAMES LIST, INDEX, andAHNENTAFEL PAGES you’ll need a password. Email me if you would like to have access.

Some interesting ancestry that I discovered while doing this:

  • During the 1755 diaspora of the Acadian people, I found that many of my ancestors escaped to Québec or the Memramcook, NB area from Beaubassin and Port Royal. I discovered that some that perished in Massachusetts, Louisiana, and France.
  • Madokawondo, Chief of the Pentagouët Tribe, Supreme Chief of the Abénaquises tribes of the Kennebecasis River (circa 1640)
  • Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor (742-814 AD) is my ancestor exactly 40 generations ago.
  • Nicolas “Claude” de-la-Tour-de Saint-Etienne [Turgis] (1570 Paris, France – 1636 Cap-de-Sable, Acadie) participated in settling Port Royal, NS in 1609 with Pierre du Gua, Sieur de Monts.
  • Going back 10 generations, I have ancestors born in France, Acadia, Québec, Netherlands, England, Scotland
  • Jehan Thérriot appears nine times in my lineage (no fear, three of his offspring then propagate many offspring into the mix many generations later and the intermarriage happens several generations apart.
  • French ancestors hail from nearly every province, but the immediate Acadien settlers came from Poitou-Charentes.
  • 46 Josephs and 126 Maries (and Marys) appear in my family.
  • The Woodforde patriarch, Thomas, came to New England in 1632 as a man-servant but was later one of the founders of Hartford, Connecticut after he was made a free man.
  • On my maternal grandfather’s side, I got as far back as 1595 in Scotland.