14. Graduate from College with a B.A. and B.Ed

Completed April 23, 2000 @ Canadian University College, AB

grad2Canadian University College – 3 year Bachelor of Arts in History, minor in Mathematics
Union College – 4 year Bachelor of Education, Secondary Education, specialization in History

I began my post-secondary education at in the fall of 1994 at Canadian Union College near Lacombe, Alberta. I had planned to study the classical guitar and become a performer or teacher and so I started out in the music program. After one year I left to volunteer as a teacher in the Marshall Islands. I resumed my studies in the fall of 1996 and switched over to the History department. The school changed its name to Canadian University College that year – yeah, I think it’s a rather generic name too. I added the education component winter 1998 which added 2 years to my education. The B.Ed. was granted from Union College in Nebraska – place I have never been, but where my father is an alumnus also and has never been. I graduated April 23, 2000.

grad8The Lord blessed me enormously while I was at CUC. He gave me over $16,550 in scholarships. He gave me food and lodging with my Mother the entire 5 years I was there – thanks mum. He blessed me with some of the greatest teachers in our atmosphere – namely Mr. Keith Leavitt, Dr. Joy Fehr, Dr. Tennyson Samraj, Dr. Larry Herr, Mr. Bill Cemer, Mrs. Karen Bottomley, Dr. Deva Doss, Dr. Ranko Stephanovic, Dr. Terry Graham – thank-you you all taught me so much. God provided jobs for me to work off my bill (not that I didn’t have to take out a loan or anything). At the library I worked 4 years as an evening supervisor. I also worked at the cafeteria as a clean up boy,
as a math tutor, a guitar teacher and a student pastor. I was blessed with numerous amazing friends from all different places in the world. God even blessed me with a wife while I was there.

Time never stood still, I was always busy with something. Working with campus ministries I led Afterglow for 3 years. I contributed as a writer for the Aurora Chronicles (article below), took pictures for the yearbook, performed at the first 2 Malepalooza concerts…