Canoe Trip Supply List

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These are the items that I took along on the Big Mac ’01 trip, they served me well, if you go on a trip this list may help you in your planning…

Old Town Canoe – Discovery 169 (Superlink 3)
Grey Owl Paddle 60”
Spare Paddle (plastic & aluminum)
Personal Flotation Device (orange)
Throw Bag
25 Metres of Rope
3 Seal Line Drybags (See 20 L, Baja 55 L, Boundary 115 L)
3 Flight Maps 1:500 000 : Ft. Simpson, Great Bear Lake, Klondike
2 Maps 1:250 000 : Aklavik 107B, Mackenzie Delta 107C
Cardboard Tube for maps
10 Elastics for maps
Fishing Pole
30 lb Test Fishing Line
Tackle Box
11 Rolls of Film (Kodak Gold 200, 24 exp.)
Lowepro TLZ1 Camera Bag
Nikon F65 Camera
Ultrapod (tripod)
Camera Cleaning Kit
Airolite Foam Sleeping pad (9.5 mm x 51 cm x 178 cm)
MEC Mirage GT Regular Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Eyes Mask
Jaguar Backpack
2 plaid long sleeve button up shirts
2 pairs wool socks
Bug Jacket
Nylon Belt RC Sport
MEC Short Paddling Boots
MEC Paddling Gloves
Sunglasses (Police Officer Style)
Nylon Hat with visor and neck flaps
Long johns
Nylon Ocean Pacific Swimming Trunks
MEC Rain Pants
MEC Rain Jacket
Valhalla Pure Fleece Jacket (Black)
2 Pairs Nylon Pants (one zips into shorts)
5 Underwear
Fila Crosstrainer Running Shoes (Red)
2 Pairs Cotton Socks
Swiss Army Camping Knife
Swiss Army Knife Sheath
MEC Tarn 3 Tent
6 Snow Stakes
4 Rolls Toilet Paper
6 Garbage Bags
30 Plastic Bags (Freezer Size)
Twist Ties
1⁄2 Roll Duct Tape
240 mL Camp Suds
Mountain Dry Towel
Loofah (shower scrubber)
Labello Sport SPF 15 Lip Treatment
2 Blistex Lip Balm & Sunscreen
Oral B Satin Floss Dental Floss
Colgate Tooth Brush
Crest Tooth Paste
Antibiotic Ointment
30 Amoxicillin 500 mg pills
Centrum Multivitamins
15 Acetametaphine Tablets
120 mL Vitamin E Skin Cream
Band-aids (in Ziplock Bag)
11 Litre Jug for Water
Rubbermaid Circle Container 25 oz
Plastic Spoon
Fold-up Chair
Bicycle Playing Cards
3 Pens
1 Pencil
Wallet (ID, Credit Cards, $180 Cash)
New American Standard Bible (pocket size)
F. Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment
J. Imbach’s The River Within
Brush Dance Journal
3 Photocopy Sheets of the Book of Jonah
Picture of Amber (Grad)
Walletsize List of Life Goals
Harmonica, key of D, Pocket Size
Protek Cassete Pouch with Homemade Leather Straps
Zippo Lighter
3 Flints for Lighter
40 Wind & Waterproof Matches
Adhesive Velcro Strips (for Flagpole)
Bolt, Nuts, Washer, 5 foot Metal Rod (for Flagpole)
3 Flags – Canada, India, Acadie
Lorus Sports Watch, 100M Water Resist
Wedding Band
1 Return Plane Ticket Inuvik Edmonton with First Air

Items Others Shared With Me:
Dragonfly Stove
2 Pots/Pans
3 1⁄2 L of White Fuel
2 Platypus Water Containers 2 1⁄2 L each
Rope with Clips
Chlorine Water Purifying Drops
Sunscreen 30 SPF