35. Take Cooking Classes

Completed March 10, 1999 @ Lacombe, AB

cooking2 I signed up for Vegetarian cooking classes the moment I heard of them – because of course I have cooking classes on my list. Danny Northam, trained in Europe and Asia, taught the class. Ty and Pattie shared in my cooking experience as they took the class with me (I took better notes than Ty did).

There were four nights each with a different theme: European, Breakfast, South-East Asian, and Soup.

Download the entire recipe set (pdf file).

Here is a comprehensive list of the recipes for the search engines:
Cheese Torte
Pasta with mushroom sauces
German Apple Pancakes
Traditional French Style Omelet
Chipped Beef on Toast or Biscuits
cooking3Baked Omelet
Scottish Oatcakes
Make Ahead French Toast
Breakfast Bread Virginia 1879
Tom Yam Het Soup (Hot and Sour Soup)
Thai Curry (Red and Green)
Gluay Tod (Thai Fried Bananas)
Tod Man Kao Pod (Corn Cakes)
Bangladeshi Dahl
Home Made Thai Pastes
Pumpkin Soup
Fruit Soup
Corn Chowder
Peanut Butter Bisque
Quick and Hearty Bean and Pasta Soup