9. Bike Across Canada

Completed August 15, 2003 @ Robichaud, NB

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Our Daily Travel Log. Click for larger view.

Total distance: 5858 km
Average distance per riding day: 139.5 km
Longest day: 229 km
Total provinces traversed: 7
[BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB] Number of cycling days: 42
Number of rest days: 6

During the summer of 2003, I cycled from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean over the great nation of Canada. I did this with my wife Amber, my sister Saison, my cousin Jessica, Jessica’s boyfriend at the time Eric, and four buddies: Bernd, Kurt, Landon, and Will. We were supported during our trip with Bernd’s motorhome which was driven by my mother-in-law Judy and cheered on by my 5-year-old sister-in-law, Emily.

The trip originated from my list of life goals and people gradually joined our troupe. Amber didn’t want to miss out and encouraged her mom to drive our support vehicle. Will was probably the next to declare that he would do the trip. I don’t recall when Saison and Jessica joined, but they were earlier on. Landon was the absolute last as he called me five days before we left Edmonton for Vancouver. I met him at the bike shop on Monday where he bought a bike.

The trip itself was full of adventure and best understood by watching¬†“Strength and Honour: Cycling Canada Coast to Coast, my feature-length documentary. Watch it here.