Vinyl Cafe

CBC’s Vinyl Cafe presented by Stuart McLean came to Calgary on December 4th. I went with Amber, Mom and Alanna. It was splendid! Mr. Stuart McLean really did well to connect with his eager audience. He gave us three vinyl cafe stories (spiked punch, bicycle, and Stephanie’s books), a story exchange story, and a story … [Read more…]

First Snow

My feelings exactly. We had a few wisps of snow on roofs yesterday morning and nothing on the ground, but this morning, the snow continued to fall and the sky stayed grey and the temperatures didn’t cool and the furnace stayed on and I stayed inside. I’ll wait 2 weeks before putting snow tires on … [Read more…]

Leonard Live

On April 26, I paid a lot of money to see a 74-year-old Leonard Cohen sing for 3 hours. I’ve seen some good concerts in my lifetime: U2, Barenaked Ladies, Bob Dylan, La Bottine Souriante, Audio Adrenaline, Switchfoot, dc Talk, Sam Roberts, Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings, Burlap to Cashmere, Habib Koité to note … [Read more…]

Virtual Protestor

So, Bush II is coming to Calgary tomorrow and sadly I’m working during the event. Otherwise, I would love to attend a protest event downtown. I was thinking up some slogans on my way to work this morning that I could present on a placard: Learn to Read 91,121+ dead civilians in Iraq Great job! … [Read more…]

My New Hope Church

It’s no secret to many of my friends that I have nursed a discontent with the institution of the Christian church in North America for several years now. There are a variety of reasons for my feelings: use of funds for the local body and their own comfort, lack of identity or vision, political alignment … [Read more…]