Zaakistan 2013

January Sick Day. Snow Day. Gaming weekend in Canmore. Concerts: Living with Lions, Whitehorse. Semester 1 ends: Math 10C, Math 20-2, Multi-Media February Dragonfly Cohousing Social Media Blitz. Man Scouts Beer Tasting. Demitor Visit in Edmonton. Peter turned 80 in High River. Semester 2 begins: Calculus, Math 30-2, Multi-Media.  March Mother-in-law visit. Turned 37. Fundraising … [Read more…]

A Personal Update: Zaak aged 37 and 1/4

I’m involved in a lot of stuff. A lot. So I haven’t been a mental state to articulate thoughts on my experiences in Africa, recent beer tasting, cohousing activities, educational philosophy, political musings, musical tastes, and Christian thought. At least not on this blog. I have been in conversation about all of these things on … [Read more…]

New Years Eve 2012 Beer Tasting

Now becoming a tradition, the Robiroost hosted a beer tasting as a New Years Eve party. It has been and is such an event that there seems to always be a contingent of attendees who don’t even like/drink beer. Happy to have them there. Everyone attending came from our Dragonfly Cohousing circle except a contingency … [Read more…]

Dragonfly Cohousing Project Update

I attended my first cohousing meeting October 8, 2009, about a year after this project was initiated. Amber and I became equity members on October 14, 2010. So much has happened since (land purchase, development permit), but in the last few months: building documents are being drafted with a building permit application going in in … [Read more…]

King’s Creek Ridge, Kananaskis

To celebrate turning 40, our friend Jana invited friends to do a hike off “40” in Kananaskis. Anne’s suggestion to hike King’s Creek Ridge won out and Wow! What a terrific hike!! Almost everyone on the hike was from Dragonfly. We enjoyed a luxurious lunch at the summit complete with wine, cake, and chocolates. More … [Read more…]