Zaakistan 2013

January Sick Day. Snow Day. Gaming weekend in Canmore. Concerts: Living with Lions, Whitehorse. Semester 1 ends: Math 10C, Math 20-2, Multi-Media February Dragonfly Cohousing Social Media Blitz. Man Scouts Beer Tasting. Demitor Visit in Edmonton. Peter turned 80 in High River. Semester 2 begins: Calculus, Math 30-2, Multi-Media.  March Mother-in-law visit. Turned 37. Fundraising … [Read more…]

A Personal Update: Zaak aged 37 and 1/4

I’m involved in a lot of stuff. A lot. So I haven’t been a mental state to articulate thoughts on my experiences in Africa, recent beer tasting, cohousing activities, educational philosophy, political musings, musical tastes, and Christian thought. At least not on this blog. I have been in conversation about all of these things on … [Read more…]

New Years Eve 2012 Beer Tasting

Now becoming a tradition, the Robiroost hosted a beer tasting as a New Years Eve party. It has been and is such an event that there seems to always be a contingent of attendees who don’t even like/drink beer. Happy to have them there. Everyone attending came from our Dragonfly Cohousing circle except a contingency … [Read more…]

Dragonfly Cohousing Project Update

I attended my first cohousing meeting October 8, 2009, about a year after this project was initiated. Amber and I became equity members on October 14, 2010. So much has happened since (land purchase, development permit), but in the last few months: building documents are being drafted with a building permit application going in in … [Read more…]

King’s Creek Ridge, Kananaskis

To celebrate turning 40, our friend Jana invited friends to do a hike off “40” in Kananaskis. Anne’s suggestion to hike King’s Creek Ridge won out and Wow! What a terrific hike!! Almost everyone on the hike was from Dragonfly. We enjoyed a luxurious lunch at the summit complete with wine, cake, and chocolates. More … [Read more…]

Downsizing by 51%

We are giving up hour 1200 square foot (plus 600 sq ft unfinished basement) townhouse. In fact we’ve already given it up in that we are renting it out. Our family of 4 is renting half of another house with another family of 4 who has the other half of the house – worthy of … [Read more…]