Edgemont Hills and Ravines


We take a hike in Calgary a couple weeks ago based on a trail in the book Calgary’s Best Walks by Lori Beattie. Amber decides on Edgemont Hills and Ravines which takes us just north of where we live.


We climb up to the ridge on the prairie scrub, golden grasses dotted with glistening violet crocuses. Immediately the southwestern horizon is emboldened by the Rocky Mountains and even though we have suburban housing just beyond backyard fences, it doesn’t feel like we are in a city. Better, we feel as though we’ve entered a secret space within our populated area, a bubble where sound, air and light have changed.


The girls peel off the trail and head back after a couple kms. We fellas complete the entire 13 km route down into a ravine all the way up to a little pond where redwinged black birds and colourful ducks flit about. My companion and I discuss 20th century wars, the Toronto Blue Jays, and our upcoming rite of passage: the Appalachian Trail.

The heat is impressive and despite bringing water along, we are ready for tall glasses of icy tea when we walk into our house.


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