My 11-year-old son has been keeping a blog,, since the begin of this summer. Blaise is a voracious reader and we can barely keep enough books in the house for him. In fact, he will begin reading some of our books (with permission) if there isn’t anything geared towards him.

His description of the blog:

This blog is a place for young readers to find good books, recommended by me! You can look at “About Me” to learn, well, about me, or click on any other tab on the right to see all the books I read with that tag! Above I have a search bar so you can find out if you read the same book as me! You can comment on any book that you have also read. In your comments, please no spoilers, (they will not be posted,) and please put your first name and your age. I hope you enjoy Book Boy, and thank you for checking out my blog.

On our camping trip in early July, Blaise spent time organizing and designing what he wanted to do with his site. He did this on paper. He immediately began working on his blog when we returned home.

So far he has reviewed 17 books or trilogies. My favourite line is his review of Connect the Stars:

Definitely in my top fifty, which is saying a lot.

This boy reads a lot of books. He is very particular now. If you want recommendations, check out his blog periodically and comment if you feel inclined.

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