Single Friends

Last night, Amber and I were photographed by Justin. This guy is awesome. Why he isn’t beating women away with a stick? Photographer. Musician. Chef. Graphic Artist. Racquetballer. Eastern Canadian. Valedictorian. Generous. This is one shot he took last night. So many great guys: Alan, Kurt, Brian, Kris, Ty, Kevin, Mati, Shane, Karel, Gary, Landon, … [Read more…]

I’m 17 today

I was baptised 17 years ago today by Pastor Laverne Schlehuber at the College Heights Church at CUC, AB. Coincidentally, I discovered my baptismal certificate today. I didn’t even know I had one. It was tucked into one of my mom’s photo albums that I’ve borrowed to scan some old photos. I find that I … [Read more…]

Terry Fox Run

I ran with my iPod in my hand and the memory of Stephanie in my head. The course began at the Pioneer Centre in Spruce Grove. A woman shared at the departure ribbon about how her friend just passed away on Friday of Cancer and how her husband currently has it. It was touching to … [Read more…]

Simon, who I never met

Jenny, our grade 1 teacher, lost her son Simon to depression on Sunday. His funeral was this evening, standing room only. After hearing people talk about him for an hour, I really wish he was one of my friends. His idealism and art would have uplifted me. And it breaks my heart to see parents … [Read more…]


Our precious and beautiful friend Stephanie died last night. We want to thank her father, Gaetan, for his phone call this morning. And we want to thank everyone for their prayers and we ask that you continue to pray for Stephanie’s family and friends as we grieve. We saw Steph last Sunday in her hospital … [Read more…]


The Innocence Mission has been around for more than a decade and I discovered them this week. Her voice is innocence and its allure is irresistable. I spent 40 minutes sharing my Mackenzie River trip with students this morning during an assembly. Though more than half the audience was quite disinterested, I am thankful for … [Read more…]