93. Shave Everyday for a Year

Completed July 1, 2001 @ Edmonton, AB

I started and ended on Canada Day using my Gillette Mach 3.  I think that I only used 3 or 4 blades during the entire year.  I shaved my head right around the same time too.

I must say that growing a beard for a year was much easier.  Sometimes I would just be settling in bed and then I remembered that I had not shaved that day, so I would get out and do a quickie.  This goal coincided with my first 11 months of marriage too, so it was good of me to get into the habit of shaving I think, just so that I would be cleaner looking for my wife.  I had to time it just right too so that I would not have to shave while on my canoe trip – goal #33.

Well, it was also a lesson in discipline as are many of my goals. I am glad I can take Sundays off now though.