səˈska ch əˌwän

It still feels a little strange telling people that we spent a week vacation in Saskatchewan. We don’t have any family there and we live 60 minutes from Banff. The province does take its share of derision, second probably only to Newfoundland. The facts that it is so flat and boring and sparsely populated do … [Read more…]

Epic Hikes

Since I like to make lists and I was thinking of them when I was hiking the Blue Lakes on Monday, I thought I would draw up a list of some of the memorable hikes I’ve enjoyed over the years. Kootenay Plains, AB; 1987 Wood Bison Trail, Elk Island, AB; 1987 Siffleur Falls, AB; 1988, … [Read more…]

World Cup Memories

I’ve been really enjoying the FIFA World Cup Finals this summer even though the team I was cheering for (for no other reason than heritage) didn’t make it out of their group. My first exposure to the Soccer World Cup were on international stamps that I collected back in the mid-1980s. I remember thinking Brazil … [Read more…]

Pugwash after 15 Years

I worked with six of these fine people years ago. This past summer, I visited the summer camp that I spent summers ’89, ’90, ’91, ’92, and ’94 at. The last three of those, I was a staff member where I counseled junior, teen and blind campers, taught silk screening, rang the bell, washed dishes … [Read more…]

Logpile Lodge

On August 6, 2000 Amber and I were married in Smithers, BC. Our first night together as husband and wife was spent at the magnificent Logpile Lodge just a few minutes drive out of town. Exactly eight years later, Amber and I spent our anniversary at the same lodge. April watched our kids for the … [Read more…]