Praise God we’re here and we’re so glad that we are!

Well visitors, after months and months of planning and prayer and excitement and stress here and there and a lot of packing and a trip to Calgary and 2 flights and a great rest in the capital and a 3 hour drive from Guatemala City: we’re here in our new home with an internet connection and beds (lots of them!) and a roof over our heads to keep us dry (lots of rain). We’ve here for about 90 minutes already. We’re thankful and jubilant right now.

I’ve got our 5 large luggage pieces and 2 smaller ones to unpack, so I’ll tell the detailed story of our journey in the future, perhaps, if there’s nothing else exciting happening in the next couple days, so stay posted. Send us an email if you want.

Blaise has started to laugh in the past 24 hours. Very cute laugh and he’s so big. He’s in his swinging bed right now and he seems much lower than Tuesday night when he last slept in it.

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