Historical Tour of Romance

I asked Amber out just over 17 years ago. She accepted my invitation to go for a hot drink at Kavaccinos in Lacombe and our relationship sprouted, budded and blossomed from that night in September. We decided to take the kids to this coffee shop and share some memories.

I was super nervous to ask her out. So nervous that I had to go to Lakeview Hall twice in the attempt – the first time she was in the lobby with a group of people which completely unnerved me. the second time I phoned the wrong Amber from the dorm lobby (I didn’t know her last name) first and then finally got her on the phone. I borrowed my sister’s car and took her out. I had no idea then what kind of joy would come from this euphoric date.

The coffee and food were better than I remember. Spending time with Amber gets sweeter everyday though.

We met at CUC which is changing its name from Canadian University College to Burman University (a move I fully endorse). I was on the welcoming team of upperclassmen when Amber arrived as a freshman. She caught my eye when she joined my jellybean group where we played a dumb name game. I emerged from Freshmen Orientation completely smitten. I had to ask her out just to put my mind at ease so I could continue with my studies.

After our initial date, we went on walks around the lakes at CUC. We took the kids down the hill behind the dorm to the path beside Lake Barnett.

Our first kiss was on one of these walks. I ended up kissing Amber’s teeth because she was smiling so big. We’ve managed to improve on that one since.

One of the moments when I have sensed God’s presence most profoundly was in the week or two following the beginning of our relationship. I was on my way to early morning classes walking up College Avenue when I was overwhelmed with how God had blessed me with this remarkable companion.

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  1. Anonymous

    Zaak,I just love this.Specially the part about kissing her teeth…Amber is a beautiful,sweet girl with a very gentle heart.Finding your life companion that you feel such joy with is not something that happens for everyone.But Im sure glad you found each other,and I remember Amber being equally smitten,thats for sure.Now you have two gorgeous children and you guys are awesome parents! God has blessed you and continues to do so.Love you guys! Auntie Chris.PS love the way you write.

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