121 Life Goals

April 3, 1998 @ Age 22

1. Read the Bible straight through (DONE)
2. Go scuba diving at a sunken ship
3. Read complete works of JRR Tolkien
4. Read twenty Shakespearean plays
5. Visit every country in the world
6. Spend a night in an igloo
7. Swim 12 laps (600 m) in under 12 minutes
8. Swim 24 laps (1200 m) straight (DONE)
9. Bike across Canada (DONE)
10. Start a mission school in Africa
11. Ride the train around India
12. Motorbike around Australia
13. Climb Ayer’s Rock (Uluru)
14. Graduate from college with a BA and BEd (DONE)
15. Get a Masters Degree (DONE)
16. Publish an article in an academic journal
17. Learn to speak German
18. Finish learning French
19. Play all of Bach’s lute suites on the guitar
20. Be able to play all the band instruments (especially the oboe, flute, bassoon and French Horn)
21. Run a marathon (DONE)
22. Listen to all of Sibelius’s symphonies live
23. Conduct an orchestra
24. Play in a Christian alternative band and tour
25. Record a CD at least 40 minutes long
26. Get married and have children (DONE)
27. Get my carpenter’s license
28. Run for political office and win
29. Star in a film
30. Perform in a major play
31. Get my ARCT in guitar
32. Build a guitar from scratch
33. Canoe down the whole Mackenzie River (DONE)
34. Shear sheep (DONE)
35. Take cooking classes (DONE)
36. Grow a tropical garden
37. Grow a Canada garden
38. Paint a picture of my wife
39. Paint a picture of each of my kids
40. Paint a picture of each of my immediate family members
41. Be on the board of directors of a charitable organization
42. Live to see the year 2050
43. Produce, direct, write, or act in a film about the Acadian Deportation
44. Write my autobiography
45. Read the complete works of C.S. Lewis
46. Read the complete works of Roald Dahl
47. Own and operate a café
48. Write 100 songs
49. Play trombone in an orchestra
50. Go skydiving (DONE)
51. Visit all 10 provinces (sleep at least five nights in each one)
52. Visit all fifty states (sleep at least two nights in each one)
53. Go on a cruise
54. Get my life guarding certificate (DONE)
55. Learn to cut people’s hair
56. Learn to play the bass guitar
57. Lead 100 people to the Lord
58. Lean to play the accordion
59. Publish a novel
60. Speak with three Prime Ministers of Canada
61. Learn advanced calculus and analytic geometry (DONE)
62. Write a computer program
63. Win twenty-five FreeCell games in a row (DONE)
64. Create and upkeep a website (DONE)
65. Learn to make ice cream (DONE)
66. Write a book of poems
67. Make a beautiful vase on the throwing wheel
68. Plant 500 trees to make up for the ones I have used up
69. Win an Oscar for a documentary
70. Have a letter to the editor published in a city newspaper
71. To help Salomé make a cartoon film for the National Film Board of Canada
72. Play Hockey on a team
73. Build a house
74. Learn to dive from a diving board (DONE)
75. Learn to do a cartwheel
76. Make a grandfather clock
77. Learn my times table up to 50X50
78. Invest in the Montreal Stock Market
79. Join a peace organization (DONE)
80. Take a photograph and have them included in a National Geographic issue
81. Climb to the summit of mountains in twenty countries
82. Go fishing at night in New Brunswick
83. Go sailing (DONE)
84. Go surfing
85. Go snow boarding (DONE)
86. Go ice fishing and catch a fish
87. Write the biography of someone I admire
88. Pray everyday of my life from now on (cross this one off when I die would you)
89. Go on world’s biggest roller coaster
90. See the Sistine Chapel
91. Go skinny dipping with my wife (DONE)
92. Grow a beard for one year (DONE)
93. Shave everyday for one year (DONE)
94. Own goats and milk them for what they are worth (DONE)
95. Sponsor a child for 10 years
96. Roll in the snow after sitting in the sauna
97. Arm wrestle with a WWF wrestler
98. Learn to read Arabic
99. Learn an African dialect
100. Ride a camel through the desert
101. Teach for at least 25 years (ONGOING)
102. Memorize a book of the Bible (DONE)
103. Sing an original song to my bride at my wedding (DONE)
104. Go to NFL, NHL, CFL, NBA, MLB, and European Football games
105. Adopt a child
106. Work at a polling station (DONE)
107. Be a juror (I know it’s random)
108. Learn Spanish (DONE)
109. Baptize someone (DONE)
110. Do my family tree back ten generations (DONE)
111. Memorize the flags and capitals of all countries
112. Memorize the names of all of Canada’s Prime Ministers and all the US Presidents and leaders of France, Russia, Great Britain and China since 1900
113. Go hang gliding
114. Get First Aid certification (DONE)
115. Get class 4 driver’s license
116. Keep a daily journal for five years (DONE)
117. Start up a guitar ensemble
118. Have CUC include all of its titles and letter heads in French also
119. Learn to do macramé and knit
120. Go windsurfing
121. Compose a song for band (or arrange) (DONE)