54. Get my Life Guarding Certification

Completed April 13, 2000 @ Lacombe, AB

bronzemedIt took my 8 months to complete all the requirements to become a lifeguard. My last year of university, I discovered I could take the courses as electives instead of full credit ones and get the extra-university certifications without getting the P.E. credits and pay 50% of the price.
I got my National Lifeguarding Standard (NLS), AEC, O2, and some other certification. Here’s a list of my classmates: Matt, Kristin, Cara, Kim, Alicia, Charla, BronzecrSarah, Sabrina, Adrianna, Deanna and ME. Lynn and Pattie taught the class at the     CUC pool. It was a lot of fun and I did learn a lot. Good times with spinals. I never did work as a life guard after this, but I think it has enrichened my life and I can now understand what life guards do.