79. Join a Peace Organization

Completed January 17, 2000 @ Lacombe, AB

I decided to join Amnesty International. Founded by British lawyer, the late Peter Benenson, this organization activates people to put pressure on federal governments to allow fair trials of its prisoners, many of which are political prisoners. We as members do several things such as donating money and fundraising, writing letters to political officials, and spreading awareness of social injustice in our communities.

Here are the first two letters I wrote on behalf of Komlan Edoh and Kodjo Kouni of the nation of Togo to Lloyd Axworthy (Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs) and to Général Gnassingbé Eyadéma (Togo). (view the .pdf)

I have continued to support Amnesty International financially and fully endorse their causes. I encourage you to become active in the cause of justice for political prisoners and victims of torture and unlawful imprisonment around the world.