83. Go Sailing

Completed June 20, 1998 @ Gull Lake, AB

sail01  Well I sure do owe a huge thanks to Jason and James for taking me out on their family’s boat. Des, Ian and Mandy joined us for the afternoon.  The Jeffery family is really into sailing.  I am anxious to go sailing again someday.  The best part of sailing is the silence combined with the speed.  Usually there is the roar of an engine when you are going fast, but not with sailing.  Just fantastic.  I guess that is part of the allure with skiing, skydiving, windsurfing, and hang gliding too.

I should add that I get seasick easily, so I don’t know that sailing will ever become a passion of mine. This experience however was absolutely exhilarating. When Jason would turn the boat and it would be at such an angle that I was sure the boat would tip, that was awesome, but I also know that Gull Lake is about 10 feet deep, so we were never in danger. I also learned that it is difficult to tip a sailboat.