AH! Holidays!

It is so good to be done work. Well…. I still have to type up my report cards, which I will do quickly in the morning. Jobs go fast when I’m almost finished.

My 10 year high school reunion is coming up next weekend. I’ve been thinking of shaving down to a moustache for the event. All of my classmates will remember me with a moustache, but I really won’t be a moustache guy. Or even getting a wig.

I’m stoked about this coming week. I can do lots of running, beaching, reading, eating, movie watching, guitar playing, ice cream making, movie editing, and best of all visiting with Memere, Papa, and Amber.

I voted on Monday at an advance poll after a 20 minute registration. Go Maria Pia Chavez, Go! She’s a grade 5 teacher in Lachine.

Go to political compass to see calculate your politique.

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