How the west was reached and where it got us

If it really mattered to me that each experience that I had was recorded in this blog, well, the past couple weeks would set me back a fair bit. Here’s what it looks like from the inside of the nutshell.

packed in NDG, ate at Au Pied du Cochon, bought out our lease, loaded the truck (ginormous thanks Aimée, Miranda, Cesar, and Patricio)(massive thanks to Etienne), heard about the unloading of the truck in Spruce Grove (stupendous thanks to Mike, Carl, “Pipes”, and Paul), drove with Amber and the iPod to New Brunswick, relaxed with Papa and Memere, celebrated 400 years of Acadian civilization, drove accross the continent – 5550 km – to our new home (thanks to Pattie, Steve, Justin, Joanne, John, Mandy, and Ian), unpacked (thanks Dean and Saison), went to work and prepared new classroom and to teach music etc… for this coming Monday (thanks to entire staff at LWCA).

Yeah, I’m tired. And joyful.


  1. Check out the pics on Zaak’s site for the farewell dinner at PDC (Pied de Cochon). Despite my bleary eyed pic with Zaak, I was not drunk that evening, but do remember having a fantanstic (surprisingly, or not) “boudin” (blood pudding for unilinguals). I’ve always been afraid of eating this for obvious reasons. It was marvelous. I knew that I could trust it to be made well here, so I threw caution to the wind and chowed down. Zaak tasted a bit too, and I think he’ll agree that its not that bad, but not something I’d have regularly.

  2. PDC was an event worth noting further on the blog.

    Contrary to Kevin’s memory, I did not taste his boudin. Others did, but I don’t think – regardless of how incredible it tastes – I will ever be able to taste it.

    Mati, Kevin and I hiked over to the restaraunt after some invigorating tennis and a march to their place in a rain storm.

    In attendance with Amber and me: Kevin, Danny, Aimée, Mati, April, Gabriel, Jonathan, & Miranda.

    The night began with a Pied and followed with two more courtesy of the great beneficiaries Danny & Aimée. I had a bowl of amazing Onion Soup au Gratin followed by Wild Mushroom Magret (duck). The food was very filling, but so refreshing. Mati picked up a deck cards for the game LeTarot for me – to which I am grateful. It was an evening of heightened merriment, pervaded with aroma and laughter.

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