Another Brick in the EcoSan Latrine Wall

The latest fundraiser I was a part of was the Pink Floyd themed “Another Brick in the EcoSan Latrine Wall.” We sold cardboard bricks for $10 and entered people’s names in for door prizes that church members donated (wine or beer tastings, multi-course home cooked meals, jewelry making class, etc.). Then a couple Sundays ago at our annual Chili fest potluck, we used everyone’s bricks to build a life sized (well, maybe a bit smaller) EcoSan Latrine.

I have to say that ever since having joined Ubuntu about two years ago, I have been impressed at how intentional the group has been in:

  • honouring the people of Kamenzi
  • maintaining the relationships formed in 2009 when we sent a small delegation to Malawi
  • allowing the community in Malawi to manage the development
  • communicate the needs of the Kamenzi communities to our church
  • raising funds for the projects
The Ecosan Latrine provides a two-fold benefit to a household in Malawi. First, it improves sanitation by reducing risk of air and waterborn disease as it properly disposes of waste matter. Second, the latrine processes the waste in 6 month intervals (alternating between two holding tanks) into nutrient rich fertilizer which eliminates the need for purchasing increasingly more expensive potash based fertilizer.

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