Old Friends

Over the last few weeks I had the great opportunity to catch up with some longtime very close friends. This is Alan. I first met him in a combined concert band in which we were the only two french horn players. I was in grade 6, he was in grade 5. Since we were reunited in 1994, we have been great buddies. Even though he lives in Edmonton, I only see him once or twice a year. We were able to spend a couple hours visiting each other on Dec 18.

Last week Justin passed through Calgary. The last time we saw each other was when he and Alan visited my family in Guatemala in May, 2008 (nearly 4 years ago). We spent a couple evenings together playing games and then a full day skiing at Nakiska. He lives in Tennessee.

Kris and I hadn’t seen each other in nearly 7 years. So much had happened in both of our lives that it was hardly worth trying to catch up. We just talked about interests, current life situations, etc. over coffee at McDonald’s (his pick!) for a couple hours. He’s moving from Edmonton to Vancouver now.

The best aspect of continuing friendships is the shared history and trust that even though years pass, we can count on their compassion, concern and care always.

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