Sukkōt: The Feast of Tabernacles

On October 9 we celebrated Sukkōt, a biblical feast commemorating the time the Israelites spent in the wilderness. My father and his wife have been observing what are traditionally Jewish holy days for a few years now. They were visiting us in Calgary when the Feast of Tabernacles began so my father rigged up a temporary tabernacle or booth or tent in the back yard and his wife prepared a terrific feast for our entire household.

You could say that Christians are living in the wilderness now – the time between the exodus (freedom) and promised land (fulfilment of the promise of the new earth). Setting aside time each year to remember this was God’s intent for His people.

We feasted on kabobs, pumpkin hummus, olives, tabouli, grapes and wine.

While it cooled down substantially at sunset, we hung out for another and enjoyed more wine and laughter.

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