Day 1 in Montréal

Got into Montreal on a Tuesday for nearly 3 weeks of relaxing in this gorgeous city. We hit the ground running yesterday.

We began by stopping into a 24/7 outdoor produce market on our way to Mont Royal. Amber wanted something local so she picked up some sour cherries which we enjoyed during out picnic in the park.

We hiked up the hill from a little set of stairs of Côte-des-Neiges. The kids played on the playground while we enjoyed a beer and some snacks.

On the mountain we watched skateboarders wipe out and listened to a pianist playing on a public piano. Acadia got her paws on the black and whites too.

Amber, Blaise and I continued the afternoon walking around the museum district and checking out the street exhibits – there are some amazing ones.

I challenged Blaise to a street game of chess. Of course we drew a collection of chess experts as soon as we started. We both made fatal errors according to our spectators, but I eked out a victory after we basically annihilated one another.

Our buddy Francisco hosted a party in our honour and launched his new fancy BBQ. I got to meet his neighbour and her friend as well as Sergio and Francis – more of April’s friends. Amber was quite impressed at how loud meal time can be in a Montreal home.

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