2015 in Review

Best Experiences: Witnessing the growth and maturity of my amazing children. Attending the Osheaga Music Festival with Blaise. Cycling the Lachine Canal with my family. Tracking down Heady Topper with April in Vermont. Studying through mathematical software and proofs during my first semester as a masters student. Racing from my job interview at CCS to get to graduation at BCS and arriving at the moment I was to march into the ceremony. Skiing at Lake Louise. Math 30-2 was my favourite class to teach – a great bunch! Launching the trebuchet with my physics class. Following the Canadiens’ playoff run and the Blue Jay’s in a couple rounds of playoffs. Collecting and making my own brewing gear. Several dates with Amber. Going to a couple CFL games with Blaise. Participating in Integer Sequences conference in Banff. Going up the Bow Building in Calgary. Hosting two beer tastings at home. Shooting rifles in Hazelton. Watching the parties I voted for at the provincial (NDP) and federal (Liberal) governments win! Lots of boardgames in Regina, Calgary, Pickardville and Canmore. Enjoying my beer for life from Tool Shed Brewery. Recovering from cellulitis (which was the worst).

Best Books Read: The two books by Brad Jersak that I read are definitely the best: Her Gates Will Never Be Shut and A More Christlike God. I also enjoyed reading Chadwick’s Early Church History, Muggeridge’s book about Mother Teresa Something Beautiful for God, and Bauby’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Best Places Visited: In my current home province we got a chance to visit the Chain Lakes, Medicine Hat, Glenbow Ranch Park, St Patrick Island Park, the Icefields Parkway, Banff International Research Station. We made a spring visit to Smithers and Hazelton BC. In the summer we explored the heck out of Montreal which will always stand as a highlight of the year followed by a relaxing time in Cormier Village, NB.

Best Beers Tasted: I was able to get to Vermont and try the amazing Heady Topper (Alchemist) along with some other greats such as Sip of Sunshine (Lawsons). A Pliny the Elder (Russian River) was brought up to Calgary for us to enjoy and we tried it alongside my Pliny clone home-brew which held up nicely. Locally, easily one of the most remarkable brews I have ever tried is Mud & Funk (de Molen) a wild funked out imperial stout which inspired one of my current aging brews. Sierra Nevada’s Hop Hunter IPA made a nice impact too. In Montreal I enjoyed a few Mosaic IPAs and some great sour ales and old ales. In Montreal alone I tried about a hundred different beers (mostly samples).

Best Films Watched: DheepanInside Out; Mad Max Fury Road; Imitation Game; SelmaLeviathan; The Good DinosaurInherent ViceFoxcatcher.

Best Habits: I continue to journal everyday using my Day One app. I started playing catch with Blaise. I’ve begun adding conditioning oil to my beard and wax to my moustache. Several times a week I pray using the Orthodox morning prayers. My weekly commute on the train is still marked with listening to This American Life (I’m working my way backwards and I’m now at the cusp of the Iraq invasion in the fall of 2002). I made a dozen kinds of beer in my home brewing adventures. And of course, I continue to blog (now through WordPress).

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