Plans for 2016

I’ve heard it said that it is proud to make plans since we could drop dead at any time or circumstances could thwart those plans or recognizing that good intentions don’t always lead to the best results. But recognizing all the things that could go sideways, plans can be grounded in hope, be buoyed in resilience, and be completed only because of forethought. So, here are my hopes for this year.

I want to develop more spiritual practices that emerge from the orthodox tradition.

I want to run. I have my winter studs ready to put on my sneakers. I’d love to get another marathon  or two under my belt.

I want to move into our new condo in Bridgeland and build the custom space saving furniture we’ll need in our bedrooms.

I want to take my wife out more for suppers, movies, and walks.

I want to finish 3 courses in my masters: Theory of Computation, Geometry, Finance I & II.

I want to drink more water and do more push-ups.

I want to complete a super secret expedition with my friends Kris, Ty, and Glen this summer.

I want to play more catch with Blaise.

I want to do crafts and drawing with Acadia.

I want to finish my latest film “Uldège: Raconteur de Cormier Village.”

I want to brew another dozen beer, including a rauchbier, a hefeweizen, a doppelbock, a couple IPAs, a pilsener and an oud bruin.

I want to see my physics 30 class do well on their diploma exam.

I want to travel to southern BC and visit my sister and nephews.

I want a permanent contract with Palliser Regional Schools.

I want to grow a lustrous moustache and beard.

I want to play hockey with my coworkers against students on Friday mornings.


We’ll see how this list checks out at the end of 2016.

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