3 months, 3 weeks, 3 hours

Blaise turned 3 months yesterday. He’s a big boy now. He’s slept 5 nights straight through in a row now. Very very precious. Amber and I have been in Guatemala 3 weeks today. It feels like much longer as it feels very familiar already and Canada feels quite distant despite the ability to chat with … [Read more…]

sleep, oh precious sleep

Blaise was born yesterday and I’m so, so joyful. But I can not rest. every gurgle and whimper wakes me. I’ve slept about 3 1/2 hours since Amber went into labour – or 5 1/2 hours since 9 am Tuesday – now 5 am Thursday. Our goals for today: change our sheets and I forgot … [Read more…]

July 10 – due date.

Amber to Zaak: Maybe if you read to my tummy, he’ll want to come out and see the pictures. Amber imitating Zaak: Amber’s holding my baby hostage. Amber singing: I need you baby. Amber lamenting: I’m tired of being pregnant.

As Years Roll By

Hey, I’m 29 now. I had a weird lumpy thing in my throat beginning the night of my party and it stuck in there for 2 more days. It’s gone now. Amber got a bunch of friends over here for the party, in total about 20 guests. Lots of games and a terrific playlist of … [Read more…]

Squirming About

Junior has been moving alot the past week. With my hand, I can feel it boxing and kicking tons. We watched it this afternoon. It was yawning and wiggling around a lot, so we saw lots of angles. Apparently it’s a handsome devil, my teeth and Amber’s hairline. The due date has been bumped up … [Read more…]

We are going to have a baby.

Amber’s pregnant! We found out in October and my family has been able to keep it a secret, whereas Amber’s family… Regardless, it has been an exciting experience letting people know. We heard the heartbeat on December 21 at the shared-care clinic in Stony Plain.