This American Life

Yesterday I completed a years long journey backward in time. My friend Jenn recommended that I check out the podcast of This American Life back in 2012. I checked it out a few months later during summer vacation and then began listening to it regularly during my commutes to work which involved walking and riding … [Read more…]

Brian Townsend

My friend Brian was murdered in his home on Christmas Eve in Belize. My father was among the early mission workers to work with Brian in the Valley of Peace, a refugee settlement. I knew Brian first as the father of my good friends Mandy, Robbie and Kory. I knew Brian second as an always … [Read more…]

Treats from Guatemala

When my school’s short term mission group returned from Tactic, Guatemala a couple weeks ago, they transported some gifts sent by very special friends. It’s amazing how taste and smell can transport one so intensely to distant memories. In our package, we got chirrepeco tea (grown locally), some horchata drink powder (Tang brand), Tortix lime … [Read more…]


It’s raining now. Pretty hard. I hear it through my school ceiling as my calculus students write their last chapter test. As I listen to it, a wave of peace comes over me and I wonder why. Now I remember. When we were in Guatemala, the constant awareness that our security was never sure weighed … [Read more…]

2001-2010 Decade in Review

2001: Shave my head for the first time, work as a youth pastor at Red Willow Community Church in St Albert AB (Events: Just Shoot Me, Gerta’s Eclipse, and fall retreat in Nordegg), canoe the Mackenzie River in NT, camp at Elk Island National Park, attend plays at the Citadel Theatre, travel to Halifax NS … [Read more…]


Upon my return to Canada, I find myself marveling at how easily I am able to adjust to my new life (mind you, I’m not working yet). The traffic is regulated by laws.The internet is lightning fast. The electricity doesn’t blink off.It is dead quiet at night (and mostly during the day too). I can use my … [Read more…]

Home; Away From Home

My final week in Tactic involved attending 6 meals at people’s homes, a farewell service after church, 3 days of medical clinic where we served over 400 people, many errands and sales, and my first soccer game. Far too many feelings and occurrences to record here. We flew in to Edmonton on Friday night with … [Read more…]

Mr. Miguel is talking to you

Every other night I get a phone call from the owner of the greenhouses next to our house. I have this guy’s number in my phone so I know before I pick up that it’s him. The conversation is the same every single time: Zaak: Good evening Miguel.Miguel: Mr. Miguel is talking to you.Zaak: Hi … [Read more…]