5 km race

I entered my first race this morning. I ran 5 km in 23:42 minutes. This is in preparation for a marathon in September. I haven’t run for a week previous to this race. The best part about running is all the time to think. Avoiding the fraction game (distance / time) is definitely my weakness. I have to be careful about slowing down when I think, it is difficult to maintain a higher pace when the mind wanders – the body defaults to what is a comfortable pace. The race took place in Pierrefonds, QC with likely over 150 participants. Danny raced with me. He beat me soundly by 44 seconds I think.

Amber and I spent over a thousand dollars of repairs on Ester Buck (Toyota Tercel) in the last 2 weeks. Car repairs do leave a sick feeling in your belly. It’s an odd business, where malpractice is rarely checked and trust is paramount – and apparently profit as well.

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