This American Life

Yesterday I completed a years long journey backward in time. My friend Jenn recommended that I check out the podcast of This American Life back in 2012. I checked it out a few months later during summer vacation and then began listening to it regularly during my commutes to work which involved walking and riding … [Read more…]

Medicine Hat

On our way to and from Regina last week, we stopped in Medicine Hat to visit some friends. Kris and Safira hosted us in their super hip apartment. The place reminded me of what natural cohousing would look like so I felt right at home and envious. It’s a row of brick apartments of varying … [Read more…]

Hockey Team Allegiances

The great Edmonton Oiler years in the last half of the 1980s were the milieu in which I developed a keen interest in watching hockey. From grades 5-9, I faithfully memorized the players names, numbers and stats. In junior high, several of us would surround the newspaper in the library and check the scores from … [Read more…]

Marathon III: Victoria, BC

Following my second marathon on June 1, I barely ran at all. I wasn’t trying to avoid running, it’s just that there was no time or urgency. I had moved; I was wrapping up a very difficult year of teaching; I was enjoying my summer holidays. I was content not running. However by mid-August, I … [Read more…]

Marathon Training for Marathon III

2.5 months after running the Calgary Marathon, I decide to run the Victoria Marathon over Thanksgiving weekend in October. This gives me a mere 8 weeks to train, but since I was already somewhat conditioned from the spring I figure this won’t be an issue. I had 17 weeks to train for my first marathon … [Read more…]

Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows is the premiere equestrian sport venue in Canada and it is just 30 minutes from where I live. If you saw Ian Miller compete on Big Ben in the 80s and 90s on TV, it was probably at Spruce Meadows. When Amber told me I had the morning to myself during my first … [Read more…]