Ester Buck Violated

A/Some vandal(s) pryed open my car door and stole some iPod attachments and a tripod a week and a half ago. My immediate feelings were that of being violated. How aweful that someone would feel free to break my property and go into my space. Now I’m just inconvenienced because my car is no longer secure (not fixed yet), so I can never leave anything in Ester Buck (name originated by me and Tey removing some of the dealership letter stickers on the trunk: WesterN PONTIAC buIck).

Amber spent 2 weeks in BC leaving me to my own devices. My devices often did not include sleep, food, or tidying up around the house. I managed to fit those items in just before she arrived so that I was in a romantic state of mind. It’s so good to have her back.

Our friend Les spent yesterday evening with us. He’s the director of Impact Ministries in Guatemala. We are eager to work with him long term in a year’s time so it was really great to relax and indulge in a conversation after more than a year of emailing. He’s coming by tomorrow morning for breakfast too and then he’ll speak at my school.

Amber y yo estamos tomando clases españolas a las noches de miércoles. Reímos toda la manera a casa mientras que hacemos sentencias ridículas.

We went with some friends to Emily Murphy Park on Saturday and shot a bunch of pictures. The light was really nice and the yellow leaves on the ground added some quality.

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