Camping in the 21st Century

So we drive to Mont Tremblant after spending the night at a full facility campground. I just want to climb a mountain, but no one else in the park seems to want to. People can take an air car up the green ski slope mountain or pay $11 to hang out by the lake. I just want to hike in seclusion.

We find Mont St. Bernard and pay $3 each for some reason. The mountain is rugged and the paths well marked. We take the trail marked difficult, but I think it is only difficult for wheelchairs and maybe tricycles. The mountain’s care taker has never been up the 45 minute path to the summit. At the top we stand on a rock and take double exposure photos.

The green. The blue. The hummingbird. The mushrooms. The moss. The deer tracks. The solace. The beautiful woman beside me.

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