This American Life

Yesterday I completed a years long journey backward in time. My friend Jenn recommended that I check out the podcast of This American Life back in 2012. I checked it out a few months later during summer vacation and then began listening to it regularly during my commutes to work which involved walking and riding … [Read more…]


Data. Data. Data. It’s no secret that I’m a list person. Having a smartphone makes it incredibly easy to meaningfully keep track of things. Here are a few of the apps I use regularly. Untappd For quite a while I used Beer Buddy to log my beer exploits. The app became buggy, so on Jasen’s … [Read more…]

In the Air in a Cessna C-172

A couple weeks ago my longtime friend Jeff “no relation” Robichaud took me up in a Cessna west of Calgary. Jeff and I have known each other since 1983. All those years, he’s demonstrated that he likes to master things. I think getting his pilot’s license a few years back is a vestige of having … [Read more…]

Analog Prizes

Advent has a lot of meaning. God sent his Son to Earth to take on physical flesh and blood because He loves this Earth. God’s love for Earth is in direct contrast to the Greek dualistic disdain of the physical world as they believe it can not be as valued as the heavenly forms. So, … [Read more…]

Marathon Training for Marathon III

2.5 months after running the Calgary Marathon, I decide to run the Victoria Marathon over Thanksgiving weekend in October. This gives me a mere 8 weeks to train, but since I was already somewhat conditioned from the spring I figure this won’t be an issue. I had 17 weeks to train for my first marathon … [Read more…]

Noteworthy Apps

Since having my life greatly altered with an iPhone 18 months ago, I have come to appreciate the impact certain apps have had in my daily life. A few noteworthy ones: DAY ONE: This is a journaling app that allows you to make entries that get backed up to DropBox, include photos, automatically notes the … [Read more…]

R400 on the Road Again

After taking Blaise on his first real ride, almost 14 km, around our local neighbourhoods, I decide to invest some serious hours in cleaning up my bike. This summer I celebrate 10 years since I cycled from Tsawassen, BC to Robichaud, NB. In that time, I have not changed my chain or replaced the tape … [Read more…]

Scaling Down

The media response following the XL Foods in Brooks, AB shutdown over the last couple months has been a dominated by concerns to make food safer: more regulation, more measures to safeguard the quality of the meat. What is remarkable is the silence regarding the state of food production in Canada and the alarming trend … [Read more…]

Adobe Premiere: Things I Like

As I updated my operating system on my iMac from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, I was led to believe that my old copy of Final Cut Pro would not work as it was designed for PowerPC and not the new Intel processors (as it turns out, FCP still works). So, I had to decide … [Read more…]