Blog Comment Olympics

In the spirit of the Soccer World Cup and NHL Stanley Cup Finals (GO OILERS!), I’d like to award those faithful blog commenters. Before I begin, I would like to say that I thought I should exempt myself, since I respond to many of the comments myself and figured I would naturally have the largest number of comments. Not so. But I’ll exempt myself anyhow (I had 36).

with 46 comments
Lorne (Sirdar)

with 28 comments
Kevin (inspace)

with 23 comments each
Mom (littledeb) and April (Rob the Rocket)

Honourable mention goes to my wife Amber who was the only other blog commenter to comment more than 10 times and to my sisters whose combined efforts left 12 comments.

Thank you to all those who participated and who will participate. Remember, it’s not often the quantity that matters, but how often you comment! Remember also that there isn’t actually a prize for winning and really not any shame in losing.




    by the way i commented on some others too….and also on an old blog as it is even more fun to read blogs after visiting…I commented on the blog Toil under the sun…just so ya know..and SalYo, I love your blogs and will soon become a blogger as well.

  2. Darn!! I was hoping for a all expenses paid trip to Guatemala. Maybe the next contest.

    Keep up the good work!! I like your blog because I learn a bit about a world that I am not familiar with. Thanks!

  3. Can’t believe that I didn’t even get a participation certificate!! Bah humbug!
    I think I may have left a comment or two!! Thanks for your blog. It makes me so proud to be Canadian when I read your blog!!

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