Adobe Premiere: Things I Like

As I updated my operating system on my iMac from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, I was led to believe that my old copy of Final Cut Pro would not work as it was designed for PowerPC and not the new Intel processors (as it turns out, FCP still works). So, I had to decide to either buy the major let down of Final Cut Pro X or the Adobe Creative Suite 6 which includes Premiere (very similar to the older version of Final Cut). I opted for Adobe which I get cheap as I’m a teacher (and there was even a $50 off sale!).

This is my initial positive response to working with Premiere:

  • Drag video or audio only onto the timeline
  • Nice titling options
  • Seamless work with other CS6 apps (Audition (audio editing), Encore (DVD authoring), AfterEffects, Photoshop)
  • Media Browser access to all my files
  • It works with all kinds of video
  • Marker Window with visual view of all markers
  • It looks and works so much like Final Cut Pro

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