Lost, 121 Episodes

Just before the COVID-19 Pandemic, my son Blaise and I began working our way through the ABC TV series Lost which originally aired from 2004-20010. I had friends who had been enthused with the series when it began, but I had never seen an episode. I figured I’d give it a go. During the shut … [Read more…]

Won’t you be my neighbour?

*I couldn’t go through with spelling neighbour incorrectly in the title of this blog post. I believe the most powerful witness to the Christian Faith that I have been exposed to in the past year has been Fred Rogers. Here is a man of faith working quietly and humbly in the public eye for decades … [Read more…]


Data. Data. Data. It’s no secret that I’m a list person. Having a smartphone makes it incredibly easy to meaningfully keep track of things. Here are a few of the apps I use regularly. Untappd For quite a while I used Beer Buddy to log my beer exploits. The app became buggy, so on Jasen’s … [Read more…]

Movie Season: Winter 2014-15

My favourite time of the year for films is the winter beginning just before Christmas and ending in March. Most of the Oscar hopefuls are released and I typically have time and Cineplex gift cards to go see them. So, with the big awards night coming on tonight, I had better comment on some films … [Read more…]

Tolkien on Screen

When Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings were released in theatre, I attended each installation multiple times. I knew I wouldn’t regret seeing the retelling of Tolkien’s magnificent myth of redemption, loss, heroism, immortality, reclamation and friendship on the big screen as many times as I could. When The Return of the King was … [Read more…]

Zaakistan 2013

January Sick Day. Snow Day. Gaming weekend in Canmore. Concerts: Living with Lions, Whitehorse. Semester 1 ends: Math 10C, Math 20-2, Multi-Media February Dragonfly Cohousing Social Media Blitz. Man Scouts Beer Tasting. Demitor Visit in Edmonton. Peter turned 80 in High River. Semester 2 begins: Calculus, Math 30-2, Multi-Media.  March Mother-in-law visit. Turned 37. Fundraising … [Read more…]

Motion Picture Soundtrack

Last night I watched the film The Impossible starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts about a family who is ripped apart by the 2004 tsunami. I didn’t cry once. I cried several times. The film is emotionally driven as loneliness, loss, empathy, and shared humanity feature in every scene. A welling soundtrack accompanies all of … [Read more…]