3 continents in 24 hours

Amber drops me off at Calgary airport with some kisses.

I am tagged for chemical testing before entering security (gotta be the goatee).
No chemicals have made contact with me.
Eat home made donuts Amber packed in my laptop bag.
Read about what I can learn from the poor.
At the gate I overhear a conversation between an Arab father and a KLM agent as to why his 1 week old son can not fly – no documentation – the wife is in tears, so is the 6 yr old son.
On the plane, an amazing story in Calgary Herald about 2 people surviving a winter plane crash for over 40 days in Yukon 50 years ago.
Drink, yes, a free Heineken please. I can do this.
Chat with my seat mate, Margot, a middle aged French teacher from Saskatchewan who lives in Turkey with her Turkish husband – she has political views.
Another drink with your meal sir? Yes please.
My visit to the loo lets me see a bit more of the 8 seat wide plane. At the front of both economy sections there are little beds for babies. Brilliant.
I get a high score on the inflight Tetris game.
Blaise’s card is opened over the Atlantic.
I watch a Dutch movie about some mechanics who train for a marathon (De Marathon) and then The Bourne Legacy.
Not sleepy, so I don’t sleep, but I develop a headache after eating breakfast at what is 11 pm for me.
The view of the ocean waves and the transport freighters as we approach the Netherlands are awesome.
My connection in Amsterdam involves waiting in 3 lines: get a boarding pass, go through security, and finally board the plane. 
I am barely awake. I crumple into my window seat (on the wing), cover myself with the blanket and try to sleep for the next 5 hours.
I skip the first inflight meal because of nausea.
I get intermittent naps in and feel refreshed enough to chat with the London couple next to me who are visiting family in their native South Africa.
We chat amicably about community development and education.
I saw the Sahara from 10 km in the air. Barely.
I read some more from my book.
Spend some time praying behind my sleep mask.
I crack open the chocolate treats from Amber.
Wreck-It Ralph entertains me.
Acadia’s card is opened over Chad. The flight map shows that we have flown over Libya, Chad, Central African Republic, The DRC, Zambia and Zimbabwe before entering South African airspace.
Amazing lightning storms as we descend into Johannesburg.
Customs is quick and easy. Yes, I am here on holiday.
OR Tambo airport is dead. Internet ain’t free, but nice to read kind wishes from folks on facebook.
I find a corner with seats where I can park myself for 7 hours until my flight to Durban and I blog.

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