My Skin Hurts

[Apparently Canadians talk about the weather more than any other nationality] I shiver. This is Guatemala, not a lake in north Ontario in late November. Yet, I shiver. Poor little Blaise has a cold, so his nose whistles when he sleeps. His voice reveals he has a cold too. The past two nights Amber has … [Read more…]

5 weeks, now 3

Oh man. This has been a whirlwind summer. I haven’t had time to think of the next 3 weeks. So we had a great time in Montreal. Groovy place! I miss it even now. Tennis is the rain. Food that I’ve never heard of before. Quick friends. Gosh. And then to Acadie. Grande-Memere could make … [Read more…]

sleep, oh precious sleep

Blaise was born yesterday and I’m so, so joyful. But I can not rest. every gurgle and whimper wakes me. I’ve slept about 3 1/2 hours since Amber went into labour – or 5 1/2 hours since 9 am Tuesday – now 5 am Thursday. Our goals for today: change our sheets and I forgot … [Read more…]

As Years Roll By

Hey, I’m 29 now. I had a weird lumpy thing in my throat beginning the night of my party and it stuck in there for 2 more days. It’s gone now. Amber got a bunch of friends over here for the party, in total about 20 guests. Lots of games and a terrific playlist of … [Read more…]

We are going to have a baby.

Amber’s pregnant! We found out in October and my family has been able to keep it a secret, whereas Amber’s family… Regardless, it has been an exciting experience letting people know. We heard the heartbeat on December 21 at the shared-care clinic in Stony Plain.

I’m still green

Ah! Dean and Saison have just ordered it. Amber and I have been discussing whether to get cable or not (our current television status is two fuzzy stations: Global and A-Channel). We just this minute have decided not to get it. We’ll save the $500 we’d spend on it this year and put it towards … [Read more…]