Marathon Training: Day 93/118

On training day #76 I ran 25 km, my furthest distance yet. I was limping afterwards, but since I’ve been sore before, I didn’t think much of it. The following morning I couldn’t put any weight on my left leg and my left knee was tremendously sore. I came downstairs on my butt and parked … [Read more…]

Marathon Training: Day 61/118

Ah! My knees!! It was a little surreal running by myself for 2 hours (exactly) on treadmill today, alone in a gym. When I reached 21 km at 1:57:13 I just raised my arms for about 3 seconds and then ran the last half km. I did let out a feeble “woo!” too. No celebration, just a 6 … [Read more…]

Marathon Training: Day 60/118

Oof. It’s been a while since I last updated my blog on my marathon training. Guess why? I’ve been so tired from running. Tomorrow I will run 21.5 km and I will try and do it in 2 hours. This is just over a half marathon and 3 km more than I ran last Friday … [Read more…]

Marathon Training: Day 27/118

I’ve run 105 kms now after almost 4 weeks (tomorrow is a scheduled rest day) and yesterday I ran 1/4 marathon and recovered just fine – no soreness at all. Salomé has me training 6 days a week: Mon – crosstraining with increasing time each week Tues – increasingly long runs doing speed intervals or … [Read more…]

Marathon Training: Day 11/118

So my sisters Saison and Salomé decided to run the half marathon in Vancouver on May 6. They invited me to come along and run with them, but I couldn’t stomach training for and then running the half marathon on not being able to cross this off my life goals list: 21. Run a marathon … [Read more…]

Eye Lid Twitch

Both of my upper eye lids have been twitching regularly for the last 2-3 weeks. According to a coworker, it’s due to stress and lack of sleep. This is confirmed by internet research. I find it remarkable how my body is telling me very clearly that I am being subjected to too much stress and … [Read more…]

Visit from Malawi

My church was graced with the presence of three directors of community development projects in the Kamenzi area of Malawi for 11 days at the end of September. I have been a member of a community development partnership team from my church called Ubuntu for the past couple years. Since we sent a small group from Calgary … [Read more…]


This last weekend was spent playing board games with other board game enthusiasts at FallCon, here in Calgary. FallCon is an annual convention where multiple tournaments are held, used (and new) games are auctioned off, the Canadian Game Design award is presented, and attendees can borrow from a library of hundreds of games to play … [Read more…]