Ester Buck is sick

Just six months until The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Edition DVD is released. Patience precious.

Our car is in the garage. The ache of a broken car. I remember stopping at a gas station in Red Deer with my first car just after registering it. I was driving it for the first time. As I was paying for the gas a guy came up behind me and said “Is that your car that gas is pouring out of?”

After getting the gas tank fixed, about two weeks later I remember decelerating to a halt on highway 2A to discover that my fuel pump had quit. A good friend pulled up behind me and helped me deal with my sudden loss.

After a series of electrical fixes and mishaps, I discovered that I had to boost my car after letting it sit for hours. I thought it might be the alternator, but after purchasing a new battery, a kindly mechanic showed me that the battery poles were shorting on the hood.

After fitting my car with a new BMW sign (don’t be envious, it was 18 years old when I got ahold of the little 4 cylinder) and a $300 new starter I crossed a median in dead winter and a tractor trailer sheered off my trunk. I finally let go of my car a year later and had it towed away from in front of my mom’s house.

I walked home today from work. 2541 steps.

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