Dragonfly Cohousing Project Update

I attended my first cohousing meeting October 8, 2009, about a year after this project was initiated. Amber and I became equity members on October 14, 2010. So much has happened since (land purchase, development permit), but in the last few months:

  • building documents are being drafted with a building permit application going in in the next week or so
  • 33 of the 36 units are sold
  • our group of equity members have put together just over $4 million
My role in all of this has been in the membership/marketing team. I led an online media campaign on Facebook and Twitter for the month of February including remaking the website on WordPress and producing a video (and another that I just haven’t felt too pressured to finish). I got to see the relevance of online advertising and creating a content calendar. I also got to see that it is quite easy.
We hope to have a mighty machines on the ground in early May with a move-in date approximately 12 months later.

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