Books Reviewed: by Wendell Berry & Lazar Puhalo

Two books by two men from vastly different backgrounds, though still grounded in Christian tradition, tackle the meaning of society and what it means to live side by side with one another through a collection of their essays. Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community by Wendell Berry Wendell Berry is a giant thinker and wildly counter-cultural. … [Read more…]

Tool Shed Brewery & Beer for Life

A year ago, I tried my first Tool Shed beers: Star Cheek IPA, Red Rage Ale, and People Skills Cream Ale. I was immediately enamoured with the Star Cheek IPA which was a far more local, affordable, and high quality IPA compared to the west coast American IPAs I have learned to appreciate. Graham and … [Read more…]

Dragonfly Cohousing Project Update

I attended my first cohousing meeting October 8, 2009, about a year after this project was initiated. Amber and I became equity members on October 14, 2010. So much has happened since (land purchase, development permit), but in the last few months: building documents are being drafted with a building permit application going in in … [Read more…]

Downsizing by 51%

We are giving up hour 1200 square foot (plus 600 sq ft unfinished basement) townhouse. In fact we’ve already given it up in that we are renting it out. Our family of 4 is renting half of another house with another family of 4 who has the other half of the house – worthy of … [Read more…]

Scaling Down

The media response following the XL Foods in Brooks, AB shutdown over the last couple months has been a dominated by concerns to make food safer: more regulation, more measures to safeguard the quality of the meat. What is remarkable is the silence regarding the state of food production in Canada and the alarming trend … [Read more…]

Preparing the House for Sale

Perhaps the biggest drag to getting into Dragonfly Cohousing is the sequence of housing that precedes living in the project. When construction is completed – sometime next year – everyone involved needs to purchase their unit within a week of the finish. We won’t know that date exactly until perhaps a couple days prior. So, … [Read more…]

To iPhone or not to iPhone?

I expressed this carnal dilemma on facebook last night: Zaak thinks an iPhone is terrific, found an ideal monthly plan, has his wife’s permission to get one, but still can’t list enough reasons why he “needs” one. He guesses he’ll just keep his money. Not surprisingly, I got 15 comments. I’ll get to those in … [Read more…]