New Years Eve 2012 Beer Tasting

Now becoming a tradition, the Robiroost hosted a beer tasting as a New Years Eve party. It has been and is such an event that there seems to always be a contingent of attendees who don’t even like/drink beer. Happy to have them there.
Everyone attending came from our Dragonfly Cohousing circle except a contingency from Regina who was passing through bring with them some delightful drink from Bushwakker brewery and debates about workers unions.

The sampling came from those sampling and what a delicious review. The evening’s top four of twelve are as follows:

  • Trois Pistoles (Unibroue)
  • Maximus IPA (Lagunitas)
  • Innis & Gunn Spiced Rum Finish – (Innis & Gunn)
  • Chimay Tripel (Bières de Chimay)
Then we had a 4-way tie. The middle ones were:
  • Blackberry Mead (Bushwakker)
  • Winter Beard Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout (Lakes of Muskoka)
  • BNL Imperial Chocolate Stout (Flying Monkeys)
  • Chico IPA (Bushwakker)
The lowest scoring, though by no means bad brews:
  • XXXXX Stout (Pike)
  • Trephination Double IPA (Bushwakker)
  • Attilla the Honey (Mt. Begbie)
  • Apricot Summer Weizen (Okanagan Spring)

A great time, hopefully to be replicated annually. Happy New Year!

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