Data. Data. Data. It’s no secret that I’m a list person. Having a smartphone makes it incredibly easy to meaningfully keep track of things. Here are a few of the apps I use regularly. Untappd For quite a while I used Beer Buddy to log my beer exploits. The app became buggy, so on Jasen’s … [Read more…]

Hop Harvest

My friends Curtis and Julie have hop bines in their backyard. They have never harvested them so they let me! After work today I came over with some giant ziplock bags and filled four. I wasn’t able to reach most of them, but there were plenty for my purposes. One of the challenges I have … [Read more…]

Les Bières du Québec

Though I make a special trip to Vermont just for beer, I am quite content drinking almost exclusively Québec brewed ales and lagers during my three weeks in Montreal. Though tax is higher here, beer is much cheaper and it’s sold in the grocery and corner stores. In fact it’s pointless looking for beer in … [Read more…]

Summer Vacation; Montreal; 2015

Visiting with April and Gabriel Family Cycling down the entire Lachine Canal Montreal Alouettes game at Percival Molson Stadium River’s Edge Church Just for Laughs Festival Bagels daily String Railways, Jaipur, and Queens Necklace games The Sign of the Theotokos Orthodox Church Repercussion Theatre’s Twelfth Night in Westmount Park Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel with Amber … [Read more…]

A Day in Vermont

Further to my expedition to find the elusive Heady Topper, I participate in some extemporaneous activities in the beautiful green state of Vermont with my lovely sister-in-law April. I remember from an Oprah episode where the von Trapp adult children were featured that they had settled in the United States in New England so I am … [Read more…]

The Great Heady Topper Adventure

At the very top of’s list of Top 250 Beers, as rated by their users (who are quite particular), stands an American Double India Pale Ale brewed by The Alchemist in Waterbury, VT called Heady Topper. While I’ve checked the list many times to check for new brews and to see if anything Canadian … [Read more…]

All Grain Brews: Inventory

I started brewing all grain beer about a year ago and since then I have brewed 14 unique styles. In my inventory I have the last 10 that I have bottled. One is fermenting and the first three are long gone. Hefeweizen: I was commissioned to brew this for a birthday party for my great … [Read more…]

Brew 10: Chocolate Hazelnut Porter

How could I not make a beer called chocolate hazelnut porter? From the Brewing Classic Styles: Grain Bill: 11.5 lbs Canadian 2-Row (1.5-2.1°L)1.5 lbs Munich (6-10°L)1 lb Crystal Light (40°L)1 lb Crystal Medium (75°L)0.75 lb Chocolate Malt (450-500°L)0.5 lb Black Malt [black patent] (500-600°L) Hops: 2 oz East Kent Goldings (3.4%) 2 oz Willamette (4.7%) … [Read more…]