Data. Data. Data.

It’s no secret that I’m a list person. Having a smartphone makes it incredibly easy to meaningfully keep track of things. Here are a few of the apps I use regularly.

For quite a while I used Beer Buddy to log my beer exploits. The app became buggy, so on Jasen’s suggestion, I switched to Untappd with him.

Key Features:

  • Connection with other beer lovers, clink glasses, comment
  • Earn fun badges for styles, photos
  • Follow breweries
  • Simple rating and comment at check in
  • Scrolling feed of friends’ check ins
  • Tracks unique beers tasted
  • Ability to add absent beer to the library

Having access to a complete list of beer that I’ve tried is a great aid in determining what to try next in terms of styles and breweries. I’m currently sitting at 799 unique beer.


For a cinephile, gaining access to trusted recommendations is key. Wasting 2 hours on a movie to see if it’s good is not an option the older I get. Having connected a couple guys who I respect as movie lovers helps to filter some new releases and get some recommendations to the vast catalogue of great films I have yet to see.
Key Features:

  • Great visual of movie posters rather than a list
  • Rating, review option
  • Excellent sorting and filtering options
  • Very comprehensive library
  • Watchlist to record future viewings

Fog of World

Exploration of the earth is something westerners take for granted. I fully appreciate the privilege possessed when I get in my car or board a plane or even take a walk. Creating a visual record or where I have been is a reminder of this privilege, especially when I languish in wintery Calgary half of the year.

Fog of World turns on a GPS tracker that clears fog when you enter an area you have never been.


Key Features:

  • import data .kml from a variety of devices
  • cloud storage so that my account can be accessed on different devices
  • fun visual concept
  • part of Apple game centre to allow for friendly competition

Unfortunately, Fog of World quits unexpectedly and it requires enormous amounts of battery to keep it running. Fortunately, I can resort to using DG200 and import the data later.

Sadly, this wasn’t around when I was travelling Europe, Central America, Ukraine, Malawi, South Africa, Northwest Territories, Pacific islands, and various trips to the United States.


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