Jardin Botanique (Montréal)

We loved the international installations at the Botanical Gardens two years ago. They were in competition and the exhibits were stunning. As a result, we didn’t spend much time in the permanent features of the Jardin Botanique. This time there are no temporary exhibits so we experience the glory of this living green space for what … [Read more…]

Just for Laughs (2015)

Annually, Montréal sponsors a series of gala performances put on by some of the most famous stand-up comics. This year Norm MacDonald, that lady from Glee, Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Stewart, Mike Myers, and a bunch of others are performing, but they go on late and tickets are pricy. So, we’ve never been to a … [Read more…]

Day 1 in Montréal

Got into Montreal on a Tuesday for nearly 3 weeks of relaxing in this gorgeous city. We hit the ground running yesterday. We began by stopping into a 24/7 outdoor produce market on our way to Mont Royal. Amber wanted something local so she picked up some sour cherries which we enjoyed during out picnic … [Read more…]

Medicine Hat

On our way to and from Regina last week, we stopped in Medicine Hat to visit some friends. Kris and Safira hosted us in their super hip apartment. The place reminded me of what natural cohousing would look like so I felt right at home and envious. It’s a row of brick apartments of varying … [Read more…]

Book Review: A More Christlike God (Bradley Jersak)

This is a beautiful book. Just gorgeous. Author Brad Jersak takes on the dichotomy of the angry, retributive, wrathful God and the compassionate, life-giving, sacrificial Jesus. Diving into both ancient theology and biblical understandings, Jersak explores what it means to view an unchanging God through the lens of His truest revelation, Jesus. The book is necessary … [Read more…]

Hockey Team Allegiances

The great Edmonton Oiler years in the last half of the 1980s were the milieu in which I developed a keen interest in watching hockey. From grades 5-9, I faithfully memorized the players names, numbers and stats. In junior high, several of us would surround the newspaper in the library and check the scores from … [Read more…]

Travelling to Northern BC

Every year. Every year since I’ve met my wife*, I have made the trek north to Smithers, Hazelton, Kispiox, etc., BC to visit her mom, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends. It’s a very long drive. Interestingly, it’s essentially the same distance from Edmonton as it currently is from Calgary: 1,150 kms. While it would only … [Read more…]