10 000 Tunes

My iTunes library reached the 10 000 mark when I added Edie Brickell’s “Picture Perfect Morning” (total now stands at 10 079). I now have 29 days 9 hours 6 minutes 20 seconds of original listening available. Sweet. Visited mom last night and today. She let me borrow 16 video cassettes of home movies that … [Read more…]

Sibelius Symphony #1

Sibelius Monument (I’ve never been there) Divine music. The first time I heard this symphony, it was cassette of Leonard Bernstein conducting playing on my old stereo that was covered in Batman stickers. I was in my second story room, laying on my bed laying face up looking out my window as a mighty thunderstorm … [Read more…]

Cirque du Soleil

Amber and I lodged ourselves into the crowd at 4 pm and waited five hours to watch the big finale of the Jazz Fest. The show was worth the wait and our spot in the crowd was perfect. The Cirque was perfect in its delivery and as we voyaged home (late, really late) I remarked … [Read more…]


Saw Napoleon Dynamite. The anticipation was as good as the movie. I hope Garden State is as good. I made apricot sorbet tonight. It’s pretty sweet. Amber is really impressed with it, and really, that’s what matters. I faxed my contract to Living Waters Academy this afternoon. We are moving to Edmonton. I am a … [Read more…]

My Friend Alan

Drove Alan to the airport this afternoon. I was hit with the power of our friendship as we said goodbye. We played guitar together until midnight last night.


The Innocence Mission has been around for more than a decade and I discovered them this week. Her voice is innocence and its allure is irresistable. I spent 40 minutes sharing my Mackenzie River trip with students this morning during an assembly. Though more than half the audience was quite disinterested, I am thankful for … [Read more…]