White Forest

In Poqomchí, zaak = white and che = forest. My name therefore means white forest. Maybe birches in the wintertime? Hmmm? I did peel about 3 weeks ago after a good sunburn, like a birch, but I don’t think anyone could have made a canoe with the skin bits.


A book for the ministry has been commissioned so they can use it for promotion in Canada this fall. We discussed what photos to use and came up with a list of 25 specific shots we need. I get to take those photos. So, I’ve been cruising around the countryside – when I get a … [Read more…]

Apple Jeep Mania

It’s true. True Blue! Amber says I got too much sun today. She’s a wino. Or the opposite of a wino. Exhale. Giggle.

Blog Comment Olympics

In the spirit of the Soccer World Cup and NHL Stanley Cup Finals (GO OILERS!), I’d like to award those faithful blog commenters. Before I begin, I would like to say that I thought I should exempt myself, since I respond to many of the comments myself and figured I would naturally have the largest … [Read more…]

If you drop your keys…

…in a river of molten lava, let ’em go, cause man, they’re gone! I climbed Volcano Pacaya with my sister, Saison a couple weeks ago. The hike lasted 2 hours to cover 4 kms (2.5 miles). The vertical increase was 800 m (about 2600 feet), the last 400 m was very steep and over volcanic … [Read more…]

I’m 100 blogs old

From a banged up door to a banged up nail. From melons to melocoton. From Anselme to Blaise. From pregnancy test to teething. From Alan and Kevin to Walter and Les.From Sibelius to Stan Rogers. From Montreal to Honduras. From Jason and Myra to Daniel y Flor. From NDP to Green. From chocolate to Ché.From … [Read more…]

Rumble Rumble

It felt like someone was behind me rocking my chair from side to side. It lasted for about 4 seconds. 10:10 am was my first earthquake. Considering Guatemala has something like 1000 earthquakes each year (most too small to feel and most a couple hours drive south of where I live), it probably won’t be … [Read more…]

Pocketmod Runner

Kevin, you genius. Thanks for changing my life with the introduction of this pocketmod thing. I’ve been doing push-ups, sit-ups, practicing guitar, drinking water, keeping my closet tidy, keeping better track of my spending, video editing, learning more Spanish vocab and verbs all because of this sweet disposable PDA. Unfortunately, some of the editing components … [Read more…]