Preparing the House for Sale

Perhaps the biggest drag to getting into Dragonfly Cohousing is the sequence of housing that precedes living in the project. When construction is completed – sometime next year – everyone involved needs to purchase their unit within a week of the finish. We won’t know that date exactly until perhaps a couple days prior. So, … [Read more…]

Page 3 in the Calgary Herald

I was interviewed along with 4 cohousing friends by the Calgary Herald 3 days ago. The feature article ran in today’s (Sunday, April 22) paper. I think she did a fine job representing our project and values. You can read the article online here or if the link dies, on the Dragonfly Cohousing blog.

Astrological Surprises

A little over a week ago at a cohousing general meeting, Amber led an activity just to break up the policy discussions. She began by dividing us up by our birthday months – Jan/Feb here, Mar/Apr there, etc… As I joined my March/April groupies, I was shocked at the exclamations of “Oh, are you a … [Read more…]

Nerdvana 2012

Every year for the past six or seven years, my friend Jasen has organized a little board gaming retreat. We spent a couple nights in a hotel in Canmore surrounded by mountains only to sit facing the middle of a table playing board games for two and a half days. Well, I gazed at the … [Read more…]

Development Permit Application

Behold our latest massing diagram from NORR Architects Planners. It consists of our 6000+ square foot common house (bottom corner), 36 underground parking stalls, 6 one bedroom units, 10 two-bedroom units, 14 three-bedroom units and 6 four-bedroom units. Because of the slope of our acre of land, there are four tiered courtyards spread through the … [Read more…]

Beer Tasting: New Year’s Eve

As a part of our Dragonfly Cohousing community development, we plan social events where members can interact outside of business meetings. Now that our group has grown to 60 people, the Social Team is planning more frequent smaller get togethers. Amber and hosted just such a gathering on New Year’s Eve: Beer Tasting. Every attendee … [Read more…]

Edmonton Journal Interview

Co-housing requires consensus, patience and coloured cards BY SHEILA PRATT, EDMONTONJOURNAL.COM NOVEMBER 27, 2011 EDMONTON —When it comes to making group decisions, Zaak Robichaud faced the ultimate challenge — how to get more than a dozen families together to come up with house plans they all liked for a new co-housing project in Calgary. It … [Read more…]